Ricketts touts Center of Operational Excellence for improving government efficiency

Gov Ricketts Highlights Efficiency With The Center Of Operational Excellence Courtesy Gov Pete Ricketts

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Efficiency in Nebraska government was highlighted at the Capitol on Monday morning as Gov. Pete Ricketts proclaimed October to be Center of Operational Excellence Month.

The Center of Operational Excellence is an agency that helps streamline government processes. The center uses Lean Six Sigma training, a collaborative method for efficient working models.

Since its inception in 2016, Ricketts says the center has applied the method across hundreds of projects, with each project saving the state 1,000 working hours by reducing the steps for any given process.

“Since we’ve implemented the Center of Operational Excellence, we’ve done over 900 projects with our teammates. We’ve saved over 900,000 hours of our teammates’ time, and by the end of 2022 that will come to a hard savings of $100 million,” Ricketts said.

Leaders from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, Department of Transportation and Department of Health and Human Services shared how the center’s intervention helped each agency.

With the center’s help, the departments were able to better use digital services to provide faster service for Nebraskans. Some processes that normally took weeks were able to be accomplished in days, if not hours.

“Within the first few initial steps, we used observation and data to identify that it was taking us 13 to 15 business days from the date received of the document to the date we approve the document,” Kristen Smith of DHHS said of department billing programs. “Once the project was finalized, the team implemented new practices and were able to reduce that originally lead time from 13 to 15 business days down to seven business days. This was the first really great step in the process.”

On Dec. 12, the Center of Operational Excellence will hold a summit at Lincoln’s Cornhusker Hotel on how government agencies can simplify their services. Members of the private sector will not be able to attend.

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