Saratoga Elementary School holds special open house celebrating 125 years

School reunions can be a wonderful opportunity to see long lost classmates and reminisce about old times.

Saratoga Elementary School celebrated its 125th birthday today.

There were some long lost classmates who hadn’t seen each other in over five decades in attendance.

"What a wonderful feeling, seeing somebody that you thought about for 50 years and wonder what happened to," said Heidi Wenk,

Saratoga class of 1963-64.

Heidi Wenk and Yonus Leitis go way back. The childhood friends and former classmates at Saratoga Elementary School had no idea they would be seeing each other at Sunday’s open house celebrating the school’s 125th anniversary.

50 years may have passed, but you wouldn’t have known it seeing them giggle and smile remembering the old times.

"We were next door neighbors, our mothers were very good friends from the old country. When we were kids in the summer time, we used to camp out on the front porch. I never forgot that," said Wenk.

Yonus came to the open house armed with class pictures from his school days.

They were just some of the snapshots shared dating back to the year Saratoga was built on 13th and South streets in 1893.

The two long–lost friends say they came to the open–house for similar reasons, to show their children and grandchildren where they went to school.

"I brought my son down here just to see where I went to school. He will be graduating and moving on to middle school. I wanted him to see where I went to so he can relate and see how things have changed. He enjoys it.," said Yonus Leitis, Saratoga class of 1967.

"My granddaughter actually goes here. This is fifth grade for her. She wanted me to come today because I went here and she goes here and it’s her last year here so here we are," said Wenk.

Even though the school was completely renovated in 2002, it still felt like home to Heidi and Yonus.

It’s been 50 years, but Yonus hopes to organize more events like these in the future.

"Time goes by, you lose contact with people, when you come to these events you get to see them again. Hopefully, they will remember you, hopefully, they will recognize you," said Leitis.

Because no matter how many decades pass… It’s still great to reconnect with an old friend.

Yonus and Heidi were just two of hundreds of former students and faculty that celebrated Saratoga’s 125th birthday today.