Scattered rain Wednesday night, snow farther north

Everyone will see winds shift out of the north on Wednesday, and this should clear out the fog that many of us saw in the early morning hours. Low clouds, however, may stick around for some.

Clouds will be more stubborn to the south of Lincoln, where skies may remain cloudy all day. There’s a much better chance of seeing the sun poke out to the north. Lincoln will be close to the boundary dividing these two areas. As a result, we’re forecasting highs in the 50s to the north and west, but only in the upper-40s to the south where clouds remain.

Wednesday Forecast

Clouds return on Wednesday night, even in areas able to see some clearing during the afternoon. In fact, we’ll see rain approaching central Nebraska by 6 p.m. Wednesday. I suspect these will arrive closer to Lincoln after 8 p.m. The showers will be hit-or-miss in nature and will only produce light accumulation.

Stormcast Wednesday Wednesday Night

Meanwhile, snow will be ongoing in northern Nebraska on Wednesday night. Snow accumulations should be mostly light, but a couple of bands may set up that produce a few inches in more localized areas. The wintry precipitation will only affect the Panhandle and areas north of a line extending from North Platte to Broken Bow to Columbus.

Stormcast Snow Accumulation - Wednesday Night

Clouds will likely linger into Thursday morning for southeast Nebraska. I suspect there may also be enough moisture to see pockets of drizzle in the morning. With temperatures close to the freezing mark, there =might be a few areas dealing with freezing drizzle. This will be something to watch for during the Thursday morning commute.

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