ScooterLNK updates program for downtown riders

Another way of getting around downtown Lincoln has just had a few updates.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Another way of getting around downtown Lincoln has just had a few updates.

It is the electric scooters and over 10,000 riders have used the app to sign up and ride in the scooter pilot program.

That’s over 33 thousand rides on the electric scooters within the past six months.

For each ride, 15 cents goes to the city for the operating and maintenance fund.
Robert Partida says the program has been going well, as they’ve added 5 new areas for scooter parking downtown.

“The goal of these designated scooter parking locations is to kind of centralize parking, familiarize users with understanding where they should be parking scooters, how they should be parking scooters,” said Partida. “All of this ultimately is for the safety of both scooter users and pedestrians.”

Those spaces are near 8th and R streets, 7th and Q streets, 7th and R streets, Canopy and P streets, and 8th and P streets.

“We’re still continuing our coordination efforts with both scooter companies to have in-app messaging which reminders users not to ride on sidewalks,” said Partida. “One of the big ones right now is reminding users you have to be 18 and older to ride a scooter.”

In August, the city will decide if the scooter program will stay in the Capitol City. To ride, users must be 18 and up, sign in with their driver’s license and stay off the sidewalks.
When asked how many accidents have occurred, Partida says Lincoln Police have reported three scooter medical calls out of the thousands of rides happening downtown.

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