Second day of death penalty hearing, Boswell’s relationships revealed

On the second day of Bailey Boswell's death penalty hearing, Boswell's attorney showcases Boswell's upbringing and abusive relationships. 

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — On the second day of Bailey Boswell’s death penalty hearing, Boswell’s attorney showcases Boswell’s upbringing and abusive relationships.
“So, when Aubrey Trail shows up, she’s the perfect victim to fall prey to his manipulations and coercion and attempts to dominate her to get what he wants,” said Todd Lancaster, Boswell’s attorney.

“But the prosecution says she got here because of her search for a sugar daddy on a website,” said Doug Warner, assistant attorney general.

“He met her because she advertising on back page and then, of course, the relationship developed from there, and that’s what continued until we ended up where we ended up.”

A nurse who specializes in domestic violence took the stand and was asked to explain why a person remains in abusive relationships.

The judges heard recorded testimonies from Bailey Boswell’s family.

Her mother begged the panel not to sentence her daughter to death, as Bailey has a daughter who loves her, and that talks to her on the phone every day.
“Please don’t sentence my daughter to death,” said Priscilla Boswell.
Also under question was how Boswell would be housed if given the death penalty since she would be the first woman in Nebraska.
Department of corrections director Scott Frakes says that still needs to be discussed and decided.

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