Second flood-related death reported

FREMONT COUNTY, Iowa — The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office and the Fremont County Emergency Management Agency have confirmed that a person died after being caught in flood waters.

According to FCEMA Director Mike Crecelius, a car with 3 people inside drove around barricades into a flooded area near Riverton late Friday night. All three had to be rescued and were transported to a nearby hospital, but one of the car’s occupants died en route to the hospital.

No other details about the incident have been released yet.

Crecelius said he and other local officials have been repeatedly warning people not to drive around barricades, but the people in this incident did not head the warnings.

Last Thursday James Wilke, a farmer from Columbus, NE died trying to help a stranded motorist. The tractor he was driving to try and reach the motorist was swept away in flood waters.

Coutesy: KMTV

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