Seniors pay tribute to Sam Foltz

Posted by: Abigail Wood

Player after player coming forward, laying a rose on the field in honor of Sam Foltz. It was part of the annual Husker Senior Day. Parents lined the sidelines to hug their senior sons before the game. Foltz’ family was there, and Sam’s absence was felt by everyone in the stadium.

"I think it’s an especially hard day for the entire senior class," said James and Robin Hahn, parents of one of Sam’s closest friends, Sam Hahn. "Knowing they’re playing their last game here, but knowing that Sam’s not here."

Hahn’s parents say senior day was a mixture of emotions. So much pride, yet so much loss.

"He’s been wanting to be a Husker for a very long time, and to see him live out his dream is both exciting and emotional all at the same time,"  Robin Hahn said.

Energy was high in the parent section during the game, and many I spoke with say as proud as they are of their sons, the senior day wouldn’t have been complete without reference to Sam.

"It was just tremendous," said Josh Banderas’ father, and former Husker, Tom Banderas. "I think Foltz has really been a big part of the season for us. Just that ghost above, and I know they really count on him and talk about him all the time. It’s still like he’s part of the team. His physical presence isn’t here, but he’s really a key to this team being 8 and 2 right now and hopefully we can finish it up for him."

And finish it up they did, ending their senior season at home with a perfect 7-0 record inside Memorial Stadium.