Several local businesses pitch in to renovate elderly man’s home

An upwards of $10,000 dollars worth of work donated to help fix the home, so the elderly man could move peacefully to his new home at the Legacy Retirement facility. 
Renovating elderly mans home in south Lincoln.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Ten local businesses pitched in to renovate an elderly man’s home, who was selling his house in order to move into a local retirement facility.

It all started six weeks ago, two local realtors with Bancwise Realty, received a call from an elderly man who was looking to sell his home near 84th and ‘O’ Street.

“We immediately noticed the house was in disrepair and had some maintenance issues that had been neglected so we decided to find a way to help him out. We couldn’t sell it in the condition it was in and that’s when we started to call some of the vendors and contractors that we have worked with in the past,” Mike and Polly Figueroa, the realtors said.

The response was overwhelming. Ten local businesses pitched in to renovate the elderly man’s home in order to help him get the best value. Here is a list of those businesses that went above and beyond to help, who they call, Mr. J.

Apple Roofing – Roof replacement.

Combs Cleanout – Removed all excess furniture, belongings, garbage, and general clean out.

Patriot Plumbing – Replaced main waste line stack.

Command Heating & Air – Inspected HVAC, replaced gas valve, duct cleaning. Serviced furnace and A/C.

Acme Electric – Inspected electrical, added GFCI outlets to kitchen and bathroom, safety check all outlets.

Demma Flooring – Sanded and refinished hardwood flooring.

JD Tree Service – Cut out deadwood and branches from 2 large oak trees that were touching or threatening roof.

Judson Irrigation – Winterization of sprinkler system.

Bancwise Realty – Selling the home.

Brad Mormon – Carpet and tac strip removal.

An upwards of $10,000 dollars worth of work, all donated to help fix the home and make the selling process as peaceful as possible for the elderly man, who was moving to the Legacy Retirement facility.

Channel 8 News is told Mr. J is filled with gratitude to all of the businesses that helped him out and especially to the Figueroa family who made all of this happen.

“Sometimes in your life, you get put in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. It just kinda sparked, this was something we wanted to do and needed to do to help him out,” Mike and Polly Figueroa said.

They estimate that $10,000 dollars in work added another $70,000 dollars to the home’s value.


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