Severe shortages at Nebraska Community Blood Bank

NBCC needs 1000 donors a week to reach their supply goals.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Blood supplies generally do dwindle a bit in the winter months. That’s not a big surprise. What is surprising is just how low the supplies have gotten.

The Nebraska Community Blood Bank generally tries to have around a week supply of every blood type. NCBB Community Outreach Representative Kari Lundeen says the current supply is much lower than that. “There’s a one to two day supply on all blood types”, she says. “No matter what your blood type is, we want you to come in and donate blood.”

To reach their goal of a week’s supply, NCBB is going to need a lot of donors to step up to the plate: “4000 for the month”. Lundeen says, “Right now we’re seeing quite a bit below that number, but 1000 is what we need each week.”

The good news is, once NCBB put out a blood emergency, they got a lot of calls right away.

“That’s the great thing about this community”, says Lundeen. “When we put the word out there, our loyal donors step up, they come and they help out. We’re also really looking for new donors, somebody who’s never donated before.”

If you’d like to donate, call 402-486-9414 or visit the NCBB website.

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