Shoplifters are on the Lincoln Crime Stoppers list

This week, Crime Stoppers has a pair of shoplifting cases at Russ's Market.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Both cases in this week’s Crime Stoppers segment are related in that they’re at Russ’s Market, but the suspects in each have some different methods.

Starting with the most recent case, from December 27th, the suspect is fairly conspicuous. You can recognize her by her big lime green bag and bright yellow stocking cap. According to police, she loaded the lime green bag with a number of items, but only paid for a pair of boxes of cereal.

The second case is a bit further back, on October 16th. This shopper was a little less flashy, but very engrossed in a phone call. He was so preoccupied that police say he walked out the door without paying for his handful of items.

As always, if you think you might have a tip that could get police a bit closer to closing the case, Lincoln Crime Stoppers would be very interested to hear it.

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