Shoppers react to some chain stores requiring customers to wear masks

Businesses across the country are starting to require customers to wear face masks, including Best Buy, Walmart and Starbucks.

Businesses across the country are starting to require customers to wear face masks, including Best Buy. Wednesday, July 15, marks when its customers have to wear masks inside.
Best Buy is not alone, Starbucks also followed suit. You now have to wear a mask and practice social distancing to get in.
Also, at Starbucks, you can’t use the bathrooms.
“It sucks that we have to make it a rule but people weren’t following the suggestion,” said Liza Smith, a shopper.
Walmart announced that starting next Monday, masks will be required to shop in the chain’s grocery stores. That includes Sam’s Club. Channel 8 caught this couple talking about the upcoming changes.
“I also work at Super Saver, so I have to wear one 8 hours a day anyways,” said James Watson. “So, it’s not really a big change to me to have to put one on when I go out. It’s gotten to a point where I coordinate masks to what I wear to work because that’s what I have to do.”
Smith points out that she will feel more protected when visiting Walmart.
“I think that I feel safer,” says Smith. “Like I always point out when we’re in stores how most people aren’t wearing them. But if you are just going into Walmart for like 30 minutes, what’s the problem with wearing it if it’s possibly going to protect other people?”
One Best Buy customer who wants to remain anonymous said he understands the mandate, but the masks can be a nuisance if one forgets, and he does not see the need if people are not in close quarters and socially distancing.
And this Starbucks customer hopes everyone follows the new rule.
“It’s respect,” said Terrence Luce. “I mean its courtesy. If I have it, I don’t want to spread it and I don’t want to get it. So, I think it’s just being a fellow human being.”
So the next time you need to take a quick run for groceries, coffee, or electronics, remember your mask.


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