Sisters serve Lincoln community for LPD & LFR

Two sisters. Two careers. One goal.
Courtesy: LNK-TV
Courtesy: LNK-TV

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Two sisters serve the Lincoln community every single day. One, an officer with the Lincoln Police Department; the other, a firefighter with Lincoln Fire and Rescue.

There was a special bond between Debbie Meade and Kathryn Wojahn from the beginning, and it wasn’t because they shared a bedroom most of their lives. Growing up, these sisters, said their parents instilled community service and helping others into them, something they both took to heart.

Flash forward years later, these two put themselves on the line everyday to help others. Wojahn is a school resource officer with the Lincoln Police Department and Meade, the older sister, is a firefighter for Lincoln Fire and Rescue.

“I feel like I was drawn to policing because of my dad and brother; they’re both in the military,” Wojahn said. “Debbie, she is such a caring person, and she’s so driven. This is what she’s wanted to do ever since high school. I remember her coming home from school, from her EMT class and she’s like sticking post it notes all over her body about the different bones.”

“I think I followed in my mom’s footsteps of wanting to help people,” Meade said.

When Meade was officially becoming a member of LFR, she didn’t think twice on who she wanted to pin her at the big ceremony.

“I thought it would have been cool for her to wear her uniform just because I’m in a uniform, she’s in the uniform and yeah,” Meade said.

“I take great pride in my job and wearing this badge everyday, like it means a lot to me and so I was looking forward to the opportunity to pin that badge of Debbie,” Wojahn said.

A moment these sisters will never forget.

“I look up to her, even though she’s my little sister, and I thought it was just going to be a special moment for just me and her so she could pin me,” Meade said.

Meade and Wojahn hope to inspire other sisters and women to rise above, no matter what career path, you take.

“A special aspect about being a firefighter and a police officer, you see a lot of things that normal people don’t see,” Wojahn said. “And having somebody that truly understands what some of those things are I think, like she said, it will bring us closer and it will help us lean on each other even more.”

The original video and story was created by the city’s LNK-TV and posted to their Youtube Channel. Click HERE to watch.

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