Six UNL greek houses suspended, students split on decision

After breaking COVID rules, some sororities and fraternities will remain inactive for the remainder of the semester.

LINCOLN, Neb.,( KLKN ) – UNL students are split if the temporary suspension is harsh or not. But after breaking COVID rules, Some sororities and fraternities will remain inactive for the remainder of the semester.
“Face masks are required indoors and outdoors when you can’t practice social distancing students are to avoid large crowds,” said Deb Fiddelke, UNL communications director.
These are rules UNL says a total of six fraternities and sororities broke by having a large gathering on Labor Day. A temporary suspension has been placed on these houses: Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Gamma, Kappa Alpha Theta, Phi Delta Theta, and Sigma Phi Epsilon.
Channel 8 talked to some of the student body who are for and against the decision.
“I think it’s fair because the rules were set out ahead of time and everyone knew the rules and they were very clear and they chose to break them,” said Emma Williams, a junior. “So it is only fair that they suffer the consequences.”
“I think it’s unfair,” said Max, a sophomore. “I think the university needs to kind of relax a bit because they were all wearing masks and they all live together. So it doesn’t really matter if they’re all outside together they all live together anyway.”
UNL is investigating after photos and videos were reported from various sources of an outing on September 7th showing a huge gathering on the Greek house properties, many without face coverings or physical distancing.
Some students say the university is being two-faced and refer to a large campus student fair a few weeks ago. They say a lot of students weren’t social distancing. Fiddleke says the event was within guidelines as UNL personnel was present thorough out the event and all students wore masks.
“We have worked with our students and we particularly worked with our Greek houses and unfortunately it does reach a pint where disciplinary actions have to be taken,” says Fiddleke.
This temporary suspension means these houses cannot participate in, attend, or organize any functions, activities, or events, or participate in university-wide events as an organization.

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