Residential roads to be treated


As of 9:30 p.m. Wednesday evening, the city of Lincoln has reported that 50% of residential roads have been plowed.

Eighty-six City and contractor crews will continue to work throughout the night applying granular salt pre-wet with brine and continue to plow.


On Wednesday, Lincoln was coated in slush.  But, resident’s still braved the cold as they made their way to work and lunch meetings.

Lincoln resident Joe DeMarco says he’ll “take the slush over just solid ice any day”.

Even so, there are still several slick spots on the roads. In fact, Lincoln Police has responded to almost 30 weather-related accidents between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Since 9:15 a.m. on Wednesday, twenty city crews continue to apply granular salt pre-wet with brine to streets. While, both city and contractor crews will be plowing main roadways, they’re also taking advantage of the warmer temps and plowing residential streets.

Something locals, like Ivanna Cone employee Gina Russ, are more than happy about.

“That’s amazing, that’s exhilarating, to know that I’m not gonna crash my car,” joked Russ. 

However, DeMarco is concerned they won’t be able to completely plow away the ice, he does say that every little bit helps.

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