Some are cutting guest lists this holiday season as inflation cuts into their pockets

Grocery Store Prices

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – With people paying more for just about everything this year, this holiday season is no exception.

Market Force Information surveyed over 2,000 consumers about their experience paying more for less at major grocery stores across the U.S.

According to the study, 33% of people say higher grocery store prices are impacting what they’re buying and how they’re celebrating this season.

Some consumers are coping with inflation this holiday by inviting fewer friends and family to festivities, asking guests to bring shared food dishes to split up costs or by shortening meal menus.

Other consumers say they’re being more intentional with planning and shopping by increasing meal planning, using more coupons, monitoring sales, buying less prepared food or meat and switching from main brand goods to store brands or white label products.

According to the study, consumers with lower or middle-income levels (between $23,000 and $75,000) are more likely to change their behavior due to inflation.

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