St. Monica’s Amazing “chase” fundraiser for women seeking life saving treatment

 St. Monica’s amazing “chase” fundraiser is in its 14th year. It follows the same scavenger hunt style as the televised “Amazing Race.”

The cause is to raise money in support of St. Monica’s treatment program.

“Every team picks a person who will be a brain, a beauty, a brawn, and a belly,” CEO of St. Monica’s charity, Mary Barry-Magsamen said.

“It’s super exciting, a lot of energy, and it’s fun to be all together in a team dynamic. It’s exciting and for an amazing cause,”  Prescott Pollys team member, 
Brooke Mullen said.

The program provides life changing recovery for women in need.

At the event, 23 teams of 4 representing various donors and businesses competed through 7 different checkpoints.

The checkpoints included activities such as dancing and eating competitions, all under a total of 2 hours and within 25 miles around Lincoln.

“Women who have a substance use disorder, a mental health issue, maybe both, often times come to us homeless, usually have very little income, and so we really work with her and her children to get her back on track, get her healthy and get her back into the community,” Barry-Magsamen said.

This race is St. Monica’s statement fundraiser as they hope to raise $50,000 from the event.

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