Student brought airsoft gun to Irving Middle School, LPS says

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A student brought an airsoft pistol to Irving Middle School on Thursday, officials say.

In a letter to families, Lincoln Public Schools said students saw another student with a possible weapon.

A parent than reported this to a counselor, the district said.

Administrators immediately contacted the student and separated them from others.

During an investigation, officials found an airsoft pistol that had the orange tip removed, making it look “realistic,” LPS said.

Airsoft pistols fire plastic pellets, but LPS said the student did not have any on them.

The student will now face “appropriate consequences” that are outlined in the district’s guidelines, according to LPS.

In the letter, the district thanked the students who came forward and reported that they felt unsafe.

Lincoln Police, LPS security and LPS student services also responded to the school.

The full letter sent to Irving families:

Irving families,

I want to provide you with information about an incident we’ve been working on today. We are still investigating to get all of the details, but I want to share what we know.

I want to be clear – there is no threat at Irving. We will be making an announcement to students about this incident and you can find a copy of the message below.

It was reported to staff that students saw another student with a possible weapon. Because our administrators were able to immediately make contact with the student and separate them from others, we did not need to use any Standard Response Protocols.

During the investigation, we did find an airsoft pistol with the orange tip removed, making it look realistic. An airsoft pistol fires plastic pellets, but the student did not have any with them. We have contacted Lincoln Police, LPS Security and Student Services for assistance while we continue to gather information. The student will face appropriate consequences as outlined in the Important Information Book.

First, I want to thank the students who came forward and reported they felt unsafe. That is how we keep our school safe. Please continue to encourage your student to report anything that makes them feel unsafe.

Second, families, we need your help. Please have a conversation with your child about how weapons of any kind are not allowed at school, even toy or airsoft weapons. Any student who brings one will be facing the appropriate consequences. You can find information about our policies in the Important Information Booklet.

Lincoln Public Schools is taking this opportunity to remind families the importance of keeping weapons and ammunition safely away from children and adolescents to prevent intentional and unintentional harm. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that the most reliable and effective measure to prevent injuries in children and adolescents is an absence of weapons. Safe weapon storage reduces a child’s risk of injury.

We will have staff available to support students in processing what happened today. If you feel your student needs additional support, please contact the school.

School safety takes a community. Please tell a trusted staff member or use the green “Safe to Say” button on our website to report anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

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