Summertime is back, so pool safety is paramount

Lifeguards help keep your kids safe, but you can help, too.
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Pool safety is built around so many components. Parents, lifeguards, pool staff, and their rules all play a part in keeping everyone safe. When you’re visiting pools this year, there is plenty of motivation to keep an eye on all the little things.

“The world is mostly water”, explained Fallbrook YMCA Aquatics Director Tristan Moore. “I feel like it’s pretty important that people know what water is and how to be safe in and around it.”

That point is driven home even further when you go out of your way to be in the water, and further still when you bring young and possibly inexperienced swimmers into the mix. First and foremost, be proactive. You can stop trouble before it even starts if you know your child isn’t ready for the pool.

“The lifeguards do a good job, but the parents should be watching their kids as well. Extra safety, extra eyes”, said Moore. That means you should ask yourself a few questions. First, does your child know how to swim? Second, are they a strong swimmer, or do they need help staying afloat? And third, are they ready to swim that day? If your child’s been particularly active, they may be a bit too worn out to go to the pool.

Moore says the lifeguards can help out with that sort of thing, and they’re keeping a sharp lookout. “You can immediately recognize a lot of swimming patterns: whether they’re a strong swimmer or a not strong swimmer. And once they recognize those, they can kind of tell, ‘I need to maybe watch this kid a little bit more’.”

Even though the adults are the final word when it comes to pool safety, it’s never a bad idea to ensure your kids know how to stay safe. Remind them to walk, not run. Point out why diving in a shallow area may not be a great idea. And when the sun beams down, have plenty of sun protection at the ready to avoid burning.

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