Suspect arrested following three hour standoff in Grand Island

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GRAND ISLAND — A wanted man is behind bars, with an arrest that unfolded in front of our cameras.

Grand Island police said they used all the tools available to them to make an arrest with no injuries, from less than lethal rounds, to a crisis negotiator urging Bailey Brown to give himself up.

“Bailey, think about what you’re doing,” the voice came through the speaker. “Bailey, be a man.”

Police even used a robot, and their tactical team, plus they were armed with the knowledge of Brown’s history of robbery and assault.

“Situations like this where you have a felony subject barricaded in a house, along with some intel that he was armed or had been armed,” said Capt. Dean Elliott.

An officer spotted the 23-year-old outside his home in northeast Grand Island.

Elliott said, “Officers went to confront him, he fled back inside the residence. We locked it down, got other officers up here, got the family out.”

His family sat on the curb, while officers in tactical gear broke slats from a backyard fence, and others fired bean bags to take out a security camera.

And it all happened as kids walked home from school, along a busy street.

“We had reached out to the local elementary school. They were far enough away but wanted to give them a heads up to keep the students on the west side of the building and of course we have a major thoroughfare through town on Sycamore that is heavily traveled with shift traffic and 5 p.m. traffic,” Elliott said.

Finally, a state patrol dog went in.

“Slow and methodical once we got inside with the dog to try and have a successful resolution to this,” Elliott said.

More than three hours after the officer first spotted Baily Brown, he walked out of the home, and into a waiting patrol car.

“Everybody’s going home safe tonight and to include Mr. Brown. Last thing we want is for him to get injured as well. We want him to take care of his warrants and have his day in court,” Elliott said.

Previous version:

A Grand Island man was arrested after a three-hour standoff Thursday.

Police said Bailey Brown was walking near his home when he was spotted by an officer, who recognized him and knew he was wanted on a warrant.

Brown has a previous case involving kidnapping and assault.

The Grand Island Police Department surrounded a home at E. 13th and Sycamore on Thursday afternoon. Over a loud speaker, police could be heard telling the suspect to give himself up because he’s wanted on a warrant.

Police have notified a nearby Lutheran school, but said the suspect is contained to the home.

Police shot nonlethal projectiles toward the home, including pepper balls and bean bags.

Officers could also be heard saying, “You don’t want it to go down like this.”

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