Sweet Things By Marcy: A piece of Southern hospitality

Celebrating Black-Owned businesses in Lincoln for Black history month.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Marcy Haas had no intention of starting a business before 2020.  But, when the pandemic struck she found peace and calm in baking and wanted to share her delicious desserts with other people.

She explained, “As a veteran, I sometimes don’t know how to cope with a lot of things, especially during the pandemic.  Having to be inside, be indoors, and not have anywhere that I could go and do anything [was tough], so baking calms me.  I didn’t plan on starting a business.  It just happened.”

The business is called “Sweet Things by Marcy” and she operates out of her home in Northwest Lincoln.  She relies on catering and personal orders to operate the bakery.

Marcy says she got her love of baking, as well as the tricks of the trade, from her mom.  She mentioned her mom would bake all sorts of things and Marcy would watch and learn.  Her favorite thing her mom made?  Sweet potato pie, and that is one of the desserts Marcy loves to bake as well and loves sharing that love with other people.

Marcy also explained she loves running her own business because she gets to meet so many nice people.

She hopes one day her business grows out of her kitchen and into a brick and mortar bakery.  She says, while there are bakeries in Lincoln, there aren’t really any that sell southern baked items.  Some of the desserts she bakes are Kentucky Butter Cakes, Black Forrest Cakes, Sweet Potato Pie, Pecan Pie, and Hummingbird Cakes.  For those who don’t know, a Hummingbird Cake is a cake with pineapple and ripe banana mixed in with the cake batter and has a cream cheese frosting.

To learn more about her business visit her website.


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