Teens pedal away from custody using a child’s bike trailer

Lincoln Police say this all happened when one of the boys was being taken to a hospital

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — A 14-year-old boy briefly escaped custody on Tuesday, while being taken from the Youth Services Center to Bryan East Hospital for a medical appointment.

Authorities tell us a 16-year-old boy was waiting outside the facility with a bicycle that had a child’s bike trailer attached to it.  The older teen sent a signal to hop on his trailer and that’s when the chase began, with the transport driver unable to catch them.

Officers were then called in and eventually found the boys around the 4000 block of Normal Boulevard.  They say the 14-year-old’s restraints had been cut off and tossed in a nearby yard.

Both boys are now at the Youth Services Center together.

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