Temperatures rebound for Black Friday

After a chilly day for Thanksgiving I think everyone is ready for it to be warmer.  That will be the case Friday and in to the weekend.

It is going to feel anything but like late November for Black Friday.  Under mostly sunny skies, temperatures will quickly rise in to the upper 50°s to lower 60°s Friday afternoon.  This equates to temperatures 10° to 15° above normal.

Medium to long range computer models suggest above normal temperatures will continue for the close of November, as well as for the open of December.  There are hints of cooler temperatures coming for the second weekend of December, but that is far from set in stone.  Stay tuned!

Warm temperatures are a trend in November.  For the month, Lincoln is running 4.3° above normal per day.  72% of days this month go in to the weather records above normal.


The temperature topped out at 37° in Lincoln on Thanksgiving.  While not terribly cold by Thanksgiving standards, it is the coldest high temperature this November.  It is also the coldest high temperature in the city in over nine months.  The last time it only reached 37°, or colder, was February 20, 2021 when it reached 37°.

– Chief Meteorologist John Dissauer

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