The most popular Halloween costume of 2018 may surprise you

The weekend before Halloween is usually the busiest time of the year for costume stores around the area.

Spirit Halloween, a costume store in Lincoln, reports that a new Halloween costume has taken over the top spot…

“This year, Fortnite costumes and accessories have really taken us by surprise and have sold really well, taking the business by storm this year,” said Brian Bonacci, sales district manager.

In addition to the popular Fortnite, Bonacci says the Incredibles, Avengers and the new movie Venom have all caused the merchandise at Spirit Halloween to fly off the shelves.

For adults, the more traditional scary movie ideas tend to rise to the top.

There is also a favorite among college students…

“Deadpool is always popular, any of the funny costumes like where it looks like you are riding an ostrich and stuff like that, those sell really well too, especially with the college kids here in town,” said Bonacci.

Spirit Halloween also has its very own Victorian Vampire section for adults.


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