The UNL Big Event brings out thousands of students helping out those in need

This is the 13th year of the UNL Big Event where students go out into the community and help out those in need.

Throughout the Capital City, thousands of UNL students teamed up to help those in need by cleaning up yards, parks, and playing games with some kids.

“You know we’re impacting literally thousands of people because we have 220 job sites and then we have the 2,500 people that were impacting by letting them for relationships within the community and some of those job sites are community organizations,” Emilee Kenny UNL Big Event Co-Chair said.

Putting in more than 250 hours of work, the organizers of the event say they have been working on this massive volunteer event for the whole entire school year, so for them getting to the big day is very exciting.

“I think because we finally got to send out volunteers because we work both semesters and put in so much work that we have 20 executive members 75 operations staff we just put in work the whole school year and it’s just really exciting to finally actually see the impact we make around the Lincoln community,” Alex Nachreiner UNL Big Event Co-Chair said.

For the organizers, it’s great to see all of their peers to have the same goal in mind to help out those in need.

“Everyone is here for the same cause and everyone here has a shared value of helping the community and being motivated to like make other people’s lives better,” Emilee Kenny UNL Big Event Co-Chair said.

For everyone who spent hours and hours getting ready the Big Event it is all about making Lincoln a better place for everyone.

“Most students can agree with me that we call Lincoln a home away from home because many students aren’t from Lincoln so it is nice to help out home away from home,” Alex Nachreiner UNL Big Event Co-Chair said.

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