This July Fourth, inflation affects how much bang you will get for your buck

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – With just one week until the Fourth of July, it’s possible that inflation may affect how much customers invest in fireworks this year.

Fireworks vendors have had to increase sale prices because of rising inflation.

“Prices are up at least 25% on certain items,” said Aaron Williams, owner of Black Dragon Fireworks. “It’s the shipping, is what the biggest thing is.”

Shipping companies are so backed up in delivering supplies, it has caused fireworks vendors to spend more and more money to get the supplies they need.

“Freight costs to get them here has been, like, thousands more than they normally are,” said Faith Polacek, tent manager at Ka-Boomer’s.

So some of the smaller fireworks at that stand have gone up $4, and the bigger ones have gone up by $10, Polacek said.

But vendors are noticing that because the holiday only comes around once a year, customers are still willing to turn their buck into a bang.

“As far as what we were able to sell during the year, it seems like people are still wanting to go out and have fun and still getting the same amount,” said Noah Kapustka, tent manager at Vitan Enterprises.

Polacek said people will “spend a lot of money on fireworks.”

“But some of the stuff, people will turn down because it’s more,” she said. “That’s just kind of what you expect with business.”

Even with the price increases, these vendors expect to get about the same amount of business as they did last year.

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