Tick numbers crawling above average this year

It's that time of year, tick season... 

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – While you’re outside enjoying nature, there might be a little pest joining you, sucking the fun right out of your day.

We’re talking about ticks. They’re everywhere!

Officials sat they’re already seeing an ‘above average’ number of ticks, and they’re seeing them earlier than usual.

“People have been probably seeing ticks since the first part of May,” Steve Beal, manager of Lincoln Animal Control said. “So it’s a few weeks earlier this year.”

These annoying bugs burrow into your skin or your pets and will suck your blood, or just really tick you off.

Although officials say usually their mostly just a nuisance, sometimes they can spread tick related illnesses.

“Probably the most prominent one we hear about is Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease,” Beal said.

At this point in the year, Lancaster County has not seen any illnesses that have been traced back to a tick; although the state has recorded two cases of Spotted Fever Rickettsia so far.

Officials aren’t too concerned at this point, but they do expect a rise in ticks this year.

Animal Control recommends if you’re going outside in tall grass or wooded areas, it’s best to keep your skin covered up or spray yourself with insect repellent. Same goes for your animals; there are certain sprays veterinarians recommend for your dog to keep those ticks away.

Make sure you’re checking your body and your animal often, especially behind the ears, where ticks like to hide.

If you do find yourself with a tick, officials say to remove it right away and do so with tweezers.

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