Township member fined for illegal actions during 2019 flood

The member allegedly billed the township for over $100,000 in repairs to flood damaged roads.
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LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — A township board member in Dodge County has agreed to repay $22,000 to his township plus a $2,000 fine to the state for violations of Nebraska accountability laws during the 2019 floods.

The Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission released the settlement agreement Friday with Jeremy Moss, a member of the Elkhorn Township Board.

The commission alleged that Moss’ company billed the township for nearly $139,000 in repairs to flood-damaged roads. State law doesn’t allow public officials to have an interest in a contract with their governing body unless the contract is approved through an open process, and the commission said that didn’t happen in Moss’ case.

The commission also said the three-member township board voted to pay themselves an additional $1,000 a week for 22 weeks. Board member normally earn $800 a year.

The commission said Moss agreed to the $2,000 fine and to repay the extra compensation he received in violation of state law.

The payments were uncovered in a state audit earlier this year. In a written response to the audit, the board said it faced an emergency situation because of the flooding and no other local contractors were available. Board members said they voted to increase their pay because their workload had increased “exponentially.”

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