Trucking companies looking to hire as gas and product prices rise

When you see empty shelves or shelves restocked, that's all with the help of a truck driver, and a local company here says they're looking for more to fill their fleet.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — When you see empty shelves or shelves restocked, that’s all with the help of a truck driver, and a local company here says they’re looking for more to fill their fleet.

“It’s just extremely difficult right now in this labor market to find great drivers,” said Tonn Ostergard, CEO of Crete Carrier.

Gas is one of the products that are becoming more expensive as fewer drivers are available to carry fuel and products across the U.S.

Crete Carrier remained busy through COVID and the CEO says they have plenty of loads and trucks, but fewer drivers, as the labor force is tough in many sectors.

“We can never have enough and maybe that’s a simplistic answer as I said, we’re down 536 from just a year ago,” said Ostergard. So, we would certainly like to be at least at the same level we were last year but even more.”

Scott Kelly has been driving for six years and trucking school took five to six weeks. He learned things like,

“Observing what’s around you, bridge height, trees, what the curbs look like, where cars are at, at all times,” said and backing up took some practice,” said Scott Kelly, a truck driver.

He is a Navy veteran and likes driving because it gives him independence. Kelly hopes to save for a home as he proposed to his fiancé last year.

Though he travels cross country he hopes to find a more local trucking gig. For those interested, he says research if it’s right for you.

“It’s a good stable job you’ll always have, since its such a high need and high demand you’ll have plenty of options,” said Kelly.

Ostergard knows it’s a demanding job with long hours, but the company has raised their pay, a top driver averaging about 90 thousand dollars in salary a year.

He says they are working to get more local options for truckers as well as hire more.

“They are truly the people that keep the food on the shelves and all the products, not only we depended on through the pandemic, but that we depend upon every day,” said Ostergard.

Ostergard says they want to hire as many truck drivers as possible to keep America moving.

If you’re interested in truck driving, click here. 

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