Turning warmer with more sunshine

Tuesday will be another very cold start. Temperatures are starting off in the single digits in southeast Nebraska, with subzero temperatures in northern parts of the state. Wind chills are even colder!

Temperatures will continue to trend in a warmer direction on Tuesday afternoon. While highs were stuck in the teens on Monday, we expect to be in the teens by lunchtime on Tuesday. High temperatures will likely be in the middle and upper-20s across the area.

Tuesday Forecast

There will be enough wind to cause a wind chill factor. We’re forecasting wind chill values in the teens on Tuesday afternoon. For areas able to get warm enough, there’s even a chance for wind chills to rise into the low-20s.

Hour by Hour - Temperatures & Wind Chill

We also expect to see more in the way of sunshine on Tuesday. While there may be a few mid to high-level clouds in southern Nebraska during the morning, we expect to see wall-to-wall sunshine during the second half of the day.

Stormcast Tuesday

For the rest of the week, high temperatures will return closer to what we’d normally expect for this time of year, middle and upper-30s. And things get even warmer over the weekend, where 40s and 50s for highs may return.

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