Twelve Nebraskans build home for family in need in Mexico

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLK) — Taking with them a ray of hope, a group of volunteers left Nebraska City and arrived in Mexico two days ago. 

They are there to build a home for a family in need. 

“It’s life changing,” volunteer Joel Wichman said. “But it’s what we’re called to do. The Lord said that we need to serve the poor, we need to serve those that don’t have what we do, so this is our way to give back.” 

Twelve volunteers traveled from Nebraska City to the border town of San Luis Colorado del Rio, south of Arizona.

The group will stay there for a week, building a home for the family. 

“Seven people, mom and dad …. and then we have kids ranging from 18 all the way down to about 6 months old,” Wichman said.

Many families in this part of Mexico live in homes made of cardboard.

This house will have running water, a kitchen, a covered patio, two bedrooms and an indoor bathroom. 

The effort is being done through the ministry Casas Homes of Hopes, which has been in San Luis for 13 years. 

First Lutheran Church in Nebraska City is covering the cost of building materials, which is around $8,000. 

Volunteers say the most rewarding part is being able to build relationships with locals. 

“We have six new people, so we took just a tour of the area … to look at where we’ve built before, and they can see the poverty,” Wichman said. “And all of them are in tears by the end of the ride because we see how blessed we are.” 

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