Two friends reminisce over 88 years of friendship


Kathryn Wallman and Grace Frerich are both 101 years old and have been friends since they were 13, making their friendship 88 years and counting.

They met through their churches confirmation group of thirty different kids in 1931.

Their church where they met still stands in Pickrell, Nebraska at the Zion Lutheran church.

Through their life they spilt a part just a little bit, but always kept in touch throughout the years.

Now they both live at the Good Samaritan Society assisted living reminiscing about the good old days.

“We’re the only ones left of that class,” Wallman said.

Now their friendship looks a just little bit different than it did 88 years ago.

“We are both hard of hearing, we can’t understand each other,” Wallman said.

At the Good Samaritan Society assisted living they live just a few doors from each other.

They say being so close after all of this time is a dream come true.

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