UNL students start new week with new COVID testing protocol

The updated rules are slightly more relaxed than the previous standards.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – When students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln return to class on November 15th, many of them will be experiencing an altered COVID testing protocol for the first time since it went into effect Sunday.

As a reminder, the old rules called for one of two requirements to be met if students, faculty, and staff wanted to access any building on campus. First, they needed to be vaccinated. The alternative was weekly negative COVID tests. These newly updated rules relax that requirement a little.

For anyone who’s not vaccinated, the weekly testing requirement is changed significantly. Thanks to “our university community’s success” in slowing COVID’s spread, the University will make random selections each week, and those people will have to provide a negative test. It is a small step, but some students consider it a welcome one.

“Honestly, I am ready for it”, says sophomore Hannah Hicks. “I actually got COVID this semester, so I’m ready for it to be over. It really wasn’t that bad, honestly.”

Some students do have a more cautious take, though. Junior Sam Biaggi sees the value in keeping testing, in some capacity, around a bit longer.

“With getting back to in-person classes, I think it’s a good idea to still have a good amount of testing”, he says. “Maybe not necessarily weekly, or however regularly, but I think randomized testing is a good idea.”

For the time being, that’s exactly what’s going to happen for the roughly 20 percent of the UNL population that’s not vaccinated. The rules take a brief pause for Thanksgiving week, but will immediately go back into place the following week.

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