UNL’s Glow Big Red event underway

The event helps dozens of organizations continue operating, helping students and members of the community

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Glow Big Red is UNL’s annual day of giving on campus.  The event allows multiple organizations across campus to raise money under one event.

One of the organizations raising money is UNL MUNA (Medical Students United with Neighbors Across America).

The students in MUNA help create and provide cultural food boxes to people of different ethnic backgrounds here in Lincoln.

Co-President and Co-Founder Makayla Gill explained they rely solely on monetary donations, all of the money will go directly to helping families in Lincoln.

“We work with a couple of different community centers. Right now we work mostly with the Asian community and cultural center. We will provide them the food donation boxes, they’ll request specific foods that their families might like. We pack up the boxes, buy all the foods, and then hand it off to them to distribute to families,” said Gill.

An0ther organization that is fundraising is the Student Hardship Fund, which is run through the Department of Student Affairs on campus.

The fund is used to help students who may be going through any type of emergency hardship and is paid for solely through the kindness of donors.

It has helped numerous students on campus, and Kelli King, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, said a lot of the students who receive the funds would not be able to continue school, or know where to turn without the help this fund provided.

She gave two examples of students who received the fund…

“There was a young man from central Nebraska, both of his parents died because of COVID, so he’s here trying to figure out what he is going to do about how to pay for school, how to navigate his classes, and all of those circumstances.”

“We have a grad student, her father also perished and on her way to drive to his funeral she got in a horrible car accident, so being able to help students in these types of circumstances, this fund is really critical and every dollar goes directly to those students.”

Glow Big Red will continue until noon on February 17, 2022.  To donate go to glowbigred.unl.edu and click view all to see the full list of organizations to donate to.

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