Updated Forecast: Monday, February 15

Arctic air continues to grip our region as we set in for another bitterly cold day with temperatures rising to -4° in the afternoon. A WIND CHILL WARNING is in effect until noon Tuesday with dangerously cold wind chills of -20° to -35° throughout the day. Frostbite can develop within less than 10 minutes in these harsh conditions.  Cover any exposed skin while stepping outside and limit time outdoors.

Temperatures will drop to a record breaking low of -25° overnight (crushing the previous record of -18° set in 1978). Mostly clear skies will help these bitterly cold conditions develop, along with light winds out of the north-northeast.

Our crippling cold trend continues on Tuesday with temperatures climbing to 1° and flurries possible overnight. Thankfully, a warming trend slowly begins on Wednesday with highs near 15° and increasing throughout the remainder of the week.

Sam Wilson

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