Valentine’s pet photoshoot raises needed funds for Lincoln spay/neuter program

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The Lincoln Animal Ambassadors have helped take thousands of cats and dogs off the streets and improved their lives.

Sunday, the Ambassadors partnered with a local photographer to raise some money while giving pet owners a unique experience.

Cherished Images by Beverly has been partnering with local shelters and humane societies for 15 years, providing pet owners with great portraits of their furry friends, while also supporting nonprofits.

“With the partnering with local shelters, it just kind of gives them a bit of notoriety, a little extra cash incentive or a little boost so that they can continue,” said Rod Johnson.

Animal Ambassadors is the most recent partnership, with the aim to raise funds for their pet food bank and spay/neuter program that helps reduce the stray population in Lincoln.

“Well we originally, started out to stop euthanasia at the shelters where they had too many dogs,” Vice President Paulina Balta said. “We decided to go positive and try to prevent animals from being homeless, so that’s our main mission, to decrease the number of homeless pets.”

Spaying or neutering your pet stops the number of animals that end up in shelters or on the street from increasing exponentially while also bettering the health of your pet.

The procedure, however, can be extremely expensive, sometimes costing upwards of $1000. That cost is where the ambassadors come in.

“Find a veterinarian, find out the cost, and then if you qualify, check out to see where you can get assistance,” Balta said.

If you need help funding a spay/neuter procedure, there is an assistance application on the Lincoln Animal Ambassador’s website.

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