‘Very eerie’: Nebraska photographer captures impact of COVID-19

A Nebraska photographer is showing the impact of COVID-19 through his work.
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Village Pointe Shopping Center
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A Nebraska photographer is showing the impact of COVID-19 through his work.

Todd Ashmore, owner of Todd Ashmore Photography in Omaha, wanted to use his more than 20 years of experience to help people during the pandemic.

“There’s so many people right now who can’t leave their homes and can’t see first hand how much the pandemic is impacting our daily lives,” he said. “I really wanted to find locations like shopping malls, essential grocery stores, schools, colleges, etc. that have either changed or frozen in time.”
On Sunday, Ashmore captured photos of the nearly completely deserted Village Pointe Shopping Center in Omaha.
“It was very eerie,” he said. “It felt like time had just halted and I was the last person on earth walking through a museum of how life used to be like.”
Village Pointe
Ashmore also photographed Costco and Menards stores. He uses a drone to get aerial perspectives, as well as two cameras to get more intimate photos on the ground.
Costco Parkng Lot

“It was sobering seeing first hand this tiny subsection of the impact that the pandemic has on our people,” he said. “It really hit me in the moment how many people are hurting right now, be it from losing their job or suffering from the virus.”

Village Pointe2

Ashmore says he has a few more ideas for locations to shoot, including the Old Market in downtown Omaha. He’s also considered going to the UNO and Creighton campuses. He said he’s open to suggestions from the public.

You can view more of Ashmore’s photos on his Facebook page and website.