VIDEO: Bryan Health talks COVID vaccine progress, new DHMs

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — During their weekly press conference, officials with Bryan Health announced that 3,980 employees have received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. While 2,789 have received the 95% effective second dose.

According to Vice President of Advancement Bob Ravencroft, about 75% of Bryan Health employees have elected to get the vaccine.

“The vast majority that have not are employees that were in childbearing years. They were currently pregnant or nursing. Or they had had COVID in the past 90 days.”

Ravencroft said some employees who are pregnant or plan to be pregnant have since consulted with their OBGYNs and have alleviated some of their concerns.

He predicts Bryan Health will soon have over 80% of its employees will elect to take the vaccine. Anyone with concerns or questions surrounding the vaccine are encouraged to speak with their health care provider. You can also find more information on

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Currently, Bryan Health is caring for 71 COVID-19 patients.

As of yesterday, Lancaster County’s COVID-19 Risk Dial moved out of the “red” and into the “orange” category, allowing for more relaxed Direct Health Measures to be adopted.

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When asked if this is a sign that things are improving in our community, Ravencroft said absolutely.

“At least I would say stabilizing. We’re quite relieved and thrilled to see this. I guess that’s the understatement of the year,” Ravencroft said. “We do believe it remains a tricky time, we have tens-of-thousands of young adults returning to our community. We’re certainly not saying it’s causal but our ramp-up to our darkest period coincided with colleges returning to town… but I do believe we’re in a much much different place for the second semester.”

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