Warmest air of 2021; Changes coming as cold front passes, bringing thunderstorms Friday morning


Thunderstorms have developed in the Nebraska panhandle.  They will continue to move east through the overnight hours.  The main threat from the thunderstorms will be damaging straight line winds 50 to 75 mph.  Heavy downpours will also be possible with some of the thunderstorms.

The latest computer model data suggests the storms will move slower across the state, reaching O’Neill to Broken Bow around 5 a.m. Friday – Norfolk to Kearney around 7 a.m. Friday – and in to the Lincoln area between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.  – Chief Meteorologist John Dissauer


Southeast Nebraska made it back in to the 90°s today.  Lincoln topped out at 96° Thursday afternoon, reaching a peak heat index of 99°.  By far, the highest level of the year.

2021 Klkn

Changes are coming to the region as a cold front moves through the state overnight and through the day Friday.  Behind the cold front, drier air will begin to filter in to the region.  Dew points will go from today’s upper 60°s and lower 70°s – to the lower 60°s Friday evening – to the 50°s Saturday.  From a humidity stand point, the weekend should feel much better.

Temp 2 To Dma Graf Gray

As the cold front passes tonight, there will be a chance for thunderstorms to develop ahead, and along, the front.  There remains some uncertainty as to how this will play out as there is not a consensus among computer models.  A line of thunderstorms is projected to develop along the Nebraska/South Dakota line early Friday morning.  As the line moves east, it will begin to drop more southward, arriving in to the Channel 8 viewing area after 4 a.m.  The line could continue diving southeast, arriving in the Lincoln area between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.

Latest 4km Rpm Power Outage Index Temp 1 To Dma

The main threat from the line of thunderstorms will be damaging straight-line winds.  Wind gusts to 60-80 mph will be possible along the line.  Because of this, our high-resolution computer model suggests some potential for power outages early Friday morning.

This is far from being set in stone at this time.  There is data that also suggests the line of thunderstorms moves further east before diving southeast.  This would put thunderstorms in the Omaha/western Iowa area vs the Channel 8 viewing area.  Be sure to stay up with our latest Storm Alert Team forecast through the evening.

– Chief Meteorologist John Dissauer

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