WATCH: Weekend sports anchor and meteorologist compete in 40-yard dash

Inspired by Huskers at the NFL Combine, Channel 8's Yousef Nasser and Malcolm Byron squared off in a 40-yard dash competition.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – What started as a joke quickly became serious.

On Sunday, during Channel 8’s 5:30 p.m. newscast, weekend sports anchor Yousef Nasser was recapping the performance of Husker football players at the NFL combine.

On the broadcast, weekend anchor Macy Meyer asked Nasser how he would do in a 40-yard dash.

“Probably like a 6.2 and that might be generous,” Nasser said.

Shortly after, Meyer asked weekend meteorologist Malcolm Byron the same question. Instead of an answer, Byron responded with a challenge.

“You know what, Yousef, I’ll go ahead and say I’ll beat you,” Byron said.

When Byron issued that response, Nasser says he had no other choice.

“I had to call his bluff,” he said.

So the team gathered out in the parking lot, measuring out 40 yards with measuring tape and using cinder blocks to mark the start and finish lines.

Nasser elected to run first. After a timing error interrupted his first attempt, Nasser proceeded to run a 5.71, faster than his projected time of 6.2.

“I was pleasantly surprised by my time,” he said.

Byron followed Nasser in the run, taking off his time and running in circles to warm up.

Then he took off. In a stride Byron jokingly compared to Forest Gump’s, he crossed the finish line.

Meyer could not hold back laughter as she read out the time: “That’s 5.65!”

Byron defeated Nasser by six tenths of a second.

“It was about on par with what I thought it would be timing-wise,” Byron, a former track runner, said. “I feel fortunate. I did it all on my mother’s birthday. She was with me today!”

Nasser says the result was incredibly disappointing.

“I humbly accept this defeat,” he said. “I really thought I had him beat.”


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