Wax Buffalo brings holiday cheer through the Winter Market on O Street

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — A collaboration between local business owners and the Haymarket could mean the beginning of a new holiday tradition in Lincoln.

Wax Buffalo and the Haymarket Development Corporation turned the downtown O Street underpass into a holiday wonderland on Sunday.

The street was lined with around 75 local businesses with activities for all ages.

Alicia Reisinger, Wax Buffalo’s owner, said having a stable holiday tradition is important to families.

“I think that a Christmas celebration like this is super important,” she said. “It brings our whole community down here to see what local businesses and vendors offer.”

Reisinger said events like the Winter Market allow the businesses and the community to give back to each other, creating a beautiful relationship.

Sunday’s event wasn’t a one-person job; many workers from Wax Buffalo dawned red aprons to help over a thousand guests navigate the venue.

“I have an incredible team that helped pull this off, and you’ll see them wandering around making things magical,” Reisinger said.

It was a trip to Germany to see their Christmas festivals that inspired her to put on the event. Drinks, activities and vendors were chosen to reflect the atmosphere Reisinger felt while overseas.

It was that trip that solidified her resolve to give Lincoln a new holiday tradition.

“Three years ago, when we moved in, we wanted to put on a festival like this,” she said.

But shopping locally wasn’t the only festivity offered at the holiday market. There were opportunities to take family photos and visit with special guests.

To kick off the first year of celebrations, the collaborators invited Lincoln Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird to work with Santa Claus in a “Lighting of the Tree” event.

Just after 1 p.m., the two counted down before flipping the switch on the tree display near the underpass.

After a day of shopping and activities, kids eagerly lined up to sit with Santa to tell him what they wanted this year.

Event coordinator Brianne Bayer said many visitors would stop her to relate their excitement about the festivities.

“Honestly, people have been so smiley,” she said. “The huge smiles on their faces have been so heartwarming.”

She was one of many Wax Buffalo workers who spent the day making sure everyone had a magical experience.

“The energy, honestly, I think you can feel, it but it’s so much fun,” Bayer said.

Many of the vendors already call the Haymarket home, but many others came from the opposite side of town.

The market was only open Sunday, but you still have time to shop from the vendors, as most of them are within city limits.

Wax Buffalo offers a variety of candle products and events.

For more information on the Haymarket, click here.

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