‘We are united’: Big Ten parents release a joint statement

Parents from 11 of the 14 Big Ten schools have now released a joint statement asking for more transparency.

The letter is addressed as an open letter to Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren hit three major points: Transparency of Process, Parent Organization Forum, and Return to Competition Task Force Plan of Action.

First, with Transparency of Process, parents are asking for more insight into how the decision was made to postpone the fall season. the letter states Commissioner Warren “stated that the decision collectively included the Big Ten Council of Presidents and Chancellors. Unfortunately, these statements have been widely challenged and/or contradicted by some of the Big Ten Council of Presidents and Chancellors.”

Due to the confusion, parents are asking for all documentation of meetings related to the postponement decision to clarify the process and motivations behind it.

Second, parents request the creation of a Parent Organization Forum. Although Big Ten officials say they continue to “collect feedback from student-athletes, families and other constituents,” parents argue they were shocked they were not contacted for input during the decision process. Also, the letter states no one currently aware of a parent that has been contacted for feedback since the decision was finalized. So, they are calling for a forum for clarification and to deliver said feedback.

Lastly, the statement discusses the Return to Competition Task Force Plan of Action. Parents want to know what criteria this plan includes and how heavily it will be relied on when deciding whether to play this spring.


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