‘We cannot stop’: Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana doubles petition signatures

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – In the last two weeks, Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana has doubled the number of signatures on its two petitions, the nonprofit says.

One petition focuses on giving patients the right to use medical cannabis when a doctor deems it a necessary treatment, while the second one deals with the production of cannabis.

In those two weeks, 40,000 signatures were collected and the petition reached the required number of signatures in 15 counties.

To get on to the ballot, petitions need 87,000 valid signatures, and the initiatives must be signed by at least 5% of registered voters in 38 of the 93 counties.

Statewide campaign coordinator Crista Eggers filed a lawsuit in May alleging that the state’s petition requirements are unconstitutional.

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The deadline to submit the signatures is July 7.

A team of 150 paid signature collectors and 600 volunteers helped ramp up efforts across the state, according to a press release.

“Over the last two weeks, Nebraskans have made it clear that they absolutely support this issue,” Sen. Anna Wishart said. “They want to sign our petition to put medical cannabis on the ballot, and they have stepped up to help us do just that.”

Between its two petitions, the nonprofit has collected around 80,000 signatures.

“We need Nebraska to continue to rise up as they have these past two weeks,” Eggers said in the release. “We cannot stop and we can’t slow down. Go sign the petitions, apply to be a volunteer or paid circulator, and donate if you are able. This can be done.”

After losing a major donor, the nonprofit said it would start a grassroots approach to collect signatures.

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To learn more about Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana, go to nmm2022.org.

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