‘We control our own destiny’: Mickey Joseph works on fundamentals during bye week

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Interim head coach Mickey Joseph knows how much the Huskers need a bye week.

Since Sept. 11, the team has dealt with the firings of head coach Scott Frost and defensive coordinator Erik Chinander, plus a 49-14 loss to No. 6 Oklahoma.

At a Tuesday press conference, Joseph discussed the upcoming bye week.

We need this bye week to reset, these kids haven’t had a chance to reset,” he said. “It wasn’t like it wasn’t the Oklahoma Panhandle coming in here, it was OU coming in here, so let’s be real about it.” 

Joesph said he’s using this week to get the team focused on the fundamentals.

Nebraska is set to face Indiana in its homecoming matchup on Oct. 1, but Joseph said he isn’t having the team focus on that game quite yet.

“Well, we control our own destiny right now,” he said.  “We’re going to take one stop sign at a time, and the stop sign this week is Nebraska and getting Nebraska better. Next week, it will be Indiana.”

Joseph now has one game as head coach under his belt.  And despite the loss, he said he learned a lot.

“I know there are things I need to fix and things I need to focus on, and I can’t assume anything,” he said. “I learned a lot from that first game. It was a quick turnaround for me, but it’s no excuse.”

During the press conference, Joseph spoke about the team’s recruiting.

Coaches are planning to travel on Wednesday, including Joseph, who will make a trip to Louisiana.

“We’re going to do the job the right way,” he said. “We’re not going to sabotage the place. The best and most efficient thing to do is do things the right way.”

As of Tuesday, the Huskers have lost one commit, but Joseph said the consensus among the rest of the recruits is an “all in” mentality.

“They’re all in because we sell them the University of Nebraska, no matter who sits in this chair,” he said.  “If we don’t get the job and we have to leave here, they’re going to say we left this place better than we found it.”

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