‘We’re not done’: Nebraska basketball seniors reflect on brotherhood, win streak

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Nebraska basketball’s three seniors – Sam Griesel, Emmanuel Bandoumel and Derrick Walker – are preparing for their final games as Huskers.

Walker said Thursday that he’s had a “blast” this year thanks to his teammates, who “all play for each other.”

“I’m glad to call these guys my brothers just because I feel like we are like-minded in a way on how we approach things and how we want to get things done on the court,” Walker said.

Bandoumel, the fifth-year transfer who has been out since Jan. 21 with a knee injury, has continued being a leader on the sidelines.

Griesel said Bandoumel helps bring a “different perspective” to the Huskers’ game plan.

“When I come off onto the bench, he’s asking me what I’m seeing and he’s telling me what he’s seen,” Griesel said.

Bandoumel has also been a role model for newcomers, Sam Hoiberg and Jamarques Lawrence, who have stepped up to fill in for injured players.

“To see them guys just having the opportunity to show that, you know, hard work pays off, you know, the time that you put in the gym paying off, I was just really proud of that,” Bandoumel said.

And those newcomers have helped keep Nebraska in the fight.

For example, Hoiberg helped the Huskers to their third straight win on Saturday with some overtime heroics against Maryland.

“I want to make it clear that we’re not done,” Griesel said. “We still have games that, you know, we believe we can win.”

Nebraska’s season is far from over, with three games left against Minnesota, Michigan State and Iowa.

The Huskers will then go on to the Big Ten tournament, in hopes of winning enough games to make the NIT or even March Madness.

With the Huskers now on a three-game win streak heading into Saturday’s matchup against the Golden Gophers, Griesel said it’s been cool to “hear the buzz” around Nebraska basketball again.

“It’s been everything that, you know, I dreamed of,” he said. “It’s why I came back here. I just wanted to have an impact and to deal with a group of guys like Derrick and Emmanuel.”

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