What happens to FIJI house now that the fraternity has been suspended?

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Phi Gamma Delta fraternity is now suspended until 2026, but questions remain.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Phi Gamma Delta fraternity is now suspended until 2026.

The university announced the discipline on Tuesday.

But questions remain, including:

-What happens to the students who lived in the house?

-What about the house itself?

-What is the status of the sexual assault allegation that had students protesting in front of FIJI house for several days?

UNL students weighed in on the suspension of the fraternity.

“I think most people’s reactions are happy that they’re off campus for now but disappointed that they haven’t been completely banned from campus,” sophomore Briana Placke said.

“I am really proud of UNL for stepping up and doing something about it,” freshman Lauren Titus said. “Especially because this wasn’t the first accusation of sexual assault from the fraternity, FIJI.”

Technically, the fraternity was suspended for violating the university’s policy on alcohol use.

In a statement, UNL indicated that University Police are investigating the reported sexual assault. That investigation is ongoing.

As for the fraternity house, according to the Lancaster County Assessor, it is privately owned and operated by a Phi Gamma Delta housing corporation.

In other words, it is not under university control and ownership of the home does not change with the suspension. However, residents of the house are not able to host fraternity events.

A UNL spokesperson confirmed that freshman moved out of the house earlier this year after UNL’s initial suspension came down.

Other students are able to remain living in the house, but aren’t considered members of a recognized student organization.

However, the university was unable to answer questions about the discipline handed down to FIJI or the students still occupying FIJI house as those questions are “under the purview of the fraternity.”

Rob Caudill, the executive director of Phi Gamma Delta provided the following statement to Channel 8 regarding it’s discipline against the UNL chapter:

“Phi Gamma Delta suspended the charter of its Lambda Nu chapter at the University of Nebraska, closing the chapter, following a trial where it was found guilty of violations of the fraternity’s risk management policy related to alcohol use and social events.”

Channel 8 spoke with students who say they agree with the suspension, but also feel FIJI’s reputation of past misconduct should warrant a permanent ban.

“I think we need to stand together and show that we are not okay with sexual assault and we stand with the survivors,” Titus said.

“Most students feel like this is a such a serious problem and nothing’s ever changed,” Placke said. “So if they really want to take accountability and stop the problem, then they should just be banned and not just suspended.”

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