What is the most popular Halloween costume this fall?

Associates at Spirit Halloween say it's been a combination of new trends and old classics.

What are the most popular Halloween costumes this fall? According to employees at local costume store Spirit Halloween, it’s quite the mix.

“Absolutely the astronaut has been flying off the shelves from the Among Us game, we’ve also sold a lot of Chucky,” says Crystal Cabrera, an assistant manager at Spirit Halloween.

Dyani Wilde is also an assistant manager at the costume shop. She’s noticed a lot of shoppers gravitate toward pandemic-themed costumes.

“A lot of the plague doctor, that one went really fast,” Wilde said. “Then we had the hazmat suit was going pretty fast too.”

Cabrera and Wilde say the plague doctor costume, astronaut helmets from the Among Us online game, as well as Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin from Netflix’s Tiger King are almost completely out of stock. Other popular costumes include DC Comics supervillain Harley Quinn, Disney’s Elsa from the movie Frozen, and classics like Chucky and Beetlejuice.

“It’s been a lot of different stuff,” Cabrera said.

Political themed costumes are very popular as well. Masks of presidential candidate Joe Biden are sold out and there are only a few masks of President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump remaining in the store.

Overall, Cabrera says she’s been pleased with the turnout considering the uncertainty that the coronavirus pandemic has created for businesses.

“I actually have been very pleasantly surprised that people are coming out. Everybody’s coming out, and we’ve been super busy, killing our sales goals, so it’s been a great year.

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