Why Spring Smells So Good

Crabtree 425x425

Spring is not only beautiful, but many of its scents are delicious to our nose. Why do many flowering trees smell so good?

The fragrance of a flower attracts pollinators to the plant. The shape, color or scent entice the pollinator to visit the flower with the reward of sweet nectar and pollen. Certain flowers bloom in the daytime, while others only bloom at night. For night pollinators, such as bats and moths, the scent of a flower is especially important in attracting them to the plant they need since the shape and coloring of the plant are of virtually no use at night.

From the plant’s perspective, its flowers aid in the production of seeds and fruit as well as genetic variability.

Interested in planting a flowering tree? Here are the ones which flourish in Nebraska:

– Flowering Pear Tree                  Peartree
– Flowering Crabapple Tree        Crab Flowering Profusion 1
– Flowering Serviceberry Tree    Serviceberry
– Redbud Flowering Tree             Redbud

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