Windy through the rest of the week

We are going to bounce around a little with our temperatures the next several days. Chilly on Thursday, then warming back up on Friday and Saturday, then cooler again on Sunday. These cool temperatures will stick around for much of next week, too. However, if you’re looking for any rain, we aren’t going to see any over the next 10 days. A very, very dry forecast.

Wind Gusts 01

We’re going to start the day on Thursday without the extreme wind gusts. They will only be in the 10 to 20 mph range early in the morning (above). But, that’s not going to last. By the middle of the morning and into the afternoon, it picks right back up and will be pushing into the 40+ mph range (below).

Wind Gusts 02

Hour by hour, we can see it doesn’t take long for that wind to pick back up (below). By 10am, the wind gusts will already be pushing close to 40 mph.

Wind Graph Lincoln

Because of the wind, how dry it’s been lately, and fairly mild temperatures, a Red Flag Warning is in place for much of Nebraska. This means that any fire that may get started can get out of control very quickly.


Chief Meteorologist Rusty Dawkins 
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