York General Hospital gives to grieving families with CuddleCot

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – York General Hospital and its community have come together in a time of need for families who’ve experienced infant loss.

The community raised over $3,000 for a preservation cot, arriving at facilities in July.

The CuddleCot technology will be provided after infant loss, giving families more time to grieve.

The cooling technology slows the decomposing process, giving families invaluable moments.

After one family reached out to York General’s obstetrics department in hopes of helping future families with their grieving, the department committed to healing that starts at the hospital.

Carlena Conard, the hospital’s OB director, said the CuddleCot gives families the opportunity to make memories.

“You’re trying to jam a lifetime of memories into moments, and so, the longer we are able to keep them in the room, the longer parents can make memories and capture photos,” she said.

Conrad says the topic of infant loss is taboo in women’s health but hopes this can change this perception.

“I didn’t really know how people would perceive it, or how much people will get behind something,” Conard said. “I’m hoping that we’re getting past that and to talk about it more because moms need that.”

She said despite the stigma, the investment will allow families to cherish that time they have with loved ones.

“Our goal is obviously to get the CuddleCot and never have to use it, but just making this tragic experience the best that we can for these moms is kind of what we’re going for,” she said. “We are so lucky to have such a giving community for this.”

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