Young Kearney entrepreneur sells product on Amazon

A young Kearney entrepreneur is getting a taste of the business world through a global platform.

He recreated and designed a grill basket.

Jonah Staab, 21, says the grill basket had three prototypes and took around one year to create.

Now, it’s being sold on Amazon.

Staab says he got his start in the engineering classroom at Kearney High School.

“He took every piece of advice that I gave him and went above and beyond with it. He was amazing kid that was never afraid to try anything new or do something out of the ordinary,” said Kearney High engineering teacher Andrew Olson.

There, he developed a skateboard wheel and took it to ‘Big Idea Kearney’, winning first place.

He said for not studying business, the win was a big confidence booster.

“It was kind of an eye -opener that people were interested in it. The work that I did was pretty impressive to some people I guess,” said Staab.

“Jonah definitely is a creator. He is always thinking. I think he’s a problem solver and I think when you find those problem solvers, they are going to find a way to commercialize that if they have the entrepreneurial mindset,” said the UNK Director for the Center of Economic and Rural Development Lisa Tschauner.

Staab says from there, he wanted to pursue new ideas which led him to do extensive research.

“When I chose to do the grill baskets I looked at three or four other competitors which would be other people that are selling well then I would read the negative reviews of people who actually purchased the product,” said Staab.

What he came up with was a basket with a detachable handle, dividers and smaller grates.

After contacting factories in China, getting his name trademarked and reviewing prototypes, he received the product just under a year later.

Staab says seeing the result is the most rewarding.

“It’s a lot of work and it really feels good though once you pull it off or stick to it. There’s a lot of opportunities with anything that you put your mind to and stick with it,” said Staab.

Staab says he’s already working on his next shipment.

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